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Chrysler’s Ram tops Consumer Reports’ pickup truck rankings –



Posted on July 3rd, 2013 • by Bill Cawthon

Just in time for Independence Day, Brand Keys, a New York-based consumer loyalty and brand consultancy evaluated brands to learn which ones consumers identified as the most patriotic. The results were posted in ablog entry by Robert Passikoff, the company’s president.As part of a brand values survey, Brand Keys asked for consumer responses to identify which of 197 brands they most associated with the value of “patriotism.” Brand Keys posted the top 25, led by the Jeep Brand with 98% of respondents naming the legendary American vehicle as the most patriotic.The only other automotive brand to make the list was Ford at No. 16.


WWII JWWII Jeep ‘found in crate’ set to cross Greenwich auction block

By Jeffrey N. Ross
Posted May 30th 2013 5:44PM Via:

1945 Ford GPW auction Photos – too see more photos

Fans of old military vehicles might want to pay extra close attention to the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance coming up this weekend. Crossing the Bonhams auction block on Sunday are a pair of seemingly flawless World War II Jeeps, which are both expected to fetch serious dollars. Lot Number 305 at the auction is a 1945 Ford GPW Jeep that has been fully restored, which is expected to command between $35,000 and $45,000. Shortly after the Ford GPW, a potentially more interesting 1944 Willys MB (shown above) will be auctioned off, but Hemmings raises some red flags about this Jeep. First, it is claiming to have been “discovered in its original crate about 30 years ago,” but there is no proof or documentation of any sort. Also, it is claiming to be all original, but it was given a paint job “shortly after it was discovered.” Even with these questionable descriptions, this Willys could reach between $20,000 and $30,000. Head over to Bonhams’ site and Hemmings for more information on both WW2-era Jeeps. Related Gallery1945 Ford GPW auction News Source: Bonhams [1], [2] via Hemmings Category: Classics, Auctions, Jeep, Military Tags: bonhams, ford gpw, ford jeep, greenwich concours delegance, jeep, military jeep, military vehicle, willys jeep, willys mb, willys mb jeep, world war ii, ww2, wwii

1978 Dodge L’il Red Express Truck

Strange but true: In 1978, the hottest domestic production car sold in America … well, it wasn’t a car. It was a pickup—the Dodge L’il Red Express Truck, a factory hot rod with the quickest zero-to-100 mph time of any American-made vehicle that year. In the late 1970s the auto industry was struggling to meet strict new emissions and fuel economy requirements. The advanced electronic control systems used to achieve maximum efficiency on all vehicles today weren’t yet developed. As a result, performance suffered—V8 engines were offered on only a few models, often pickups, and with anemic power ratings, usually less than 200 horsepower. It was sort of a depressing time for performance enthusiasts, to be honest. You know the engineers at Dodge weren’t going to let that situation stand. Noting that the regulations were a bit less stringent for trucks, the team selected Dodge’s shortest, lightest pickup, the Utiline half-ton D150 with a 115-inch wheelbase. Into this package they dropped the 360-cubic-inch E58 V8 from the Dodge police cruiser, the A727 Loadflight automatic transmission, and a SureGrip rear axle with 3.55:1 ratio. Now, by 2013 standards, 225 hp doesn’t sound like a lot, but in 1978 it was enough to rule the roost. For visual appeal, the hot rod pickup received slotted chrome wheels, raised white-letter tires, wood cargo-box panels, Canyon Red paint, and a nifty gold-letter graphic on each door bearing the name “L’il Red Express Truck.” The crowning touch was a pair of large-diameter chrome exhaust stacks that rose vertically at the rear corners of the cab, emulating a big semi tractor. Eager for good news, performance enthusiasts and the automotive media alike threw their arms around the Express. Almost 2,200 units were sold in 1978, followed by another 5,188 in 1979, as part of a hot marketing program called “the adult toys from Dodge.” Of course, these days the trucks have their own signature RAM Trucks brand, and class-leading performance can be found throughout the Dodge lineup—for example, in the HEMI-powered Challenger, America’s most affordable V8 muscle car. Tagged 1978, Classic, dodge, fuel economy, horsepower, hot rod, Little Red Truck, ram trucks, Red Truck, Truck, Vintage |


ACM Awards Guest Blogger: Lauren Jo Black Reporting

As part of Ram Trucks’ effort to Put the Blog in Country, we invited two popular country music bloggers to the 48th Academy of Country Music Awards and asked them to record their experiences. This first account is courtesy of Lauren Jo Black from Country Music Is Love.

By Lauren Jo Black

Each year, country music’s hottest artists and biggest fans pack up and head to Las Vegas for the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards, and thanks to my friends at Ram Trucks, I had the opportunity to experience the ACM Awards like never before. In addition to covering the red carpet and attending the 48th Annual ACM Awards show, I also had the chance to attend and cover events leading up to “Country Music’s Party of the Year.”In recent years, the days leading up to the annual awards show have become something bigger – it’s “the week Vegas goes country.” In addition to the ACM Awards, fans have the opportunity to attend several events and get up close and personal with country music newcomers and superstars alike.One of the week’s events was the three-day ACM Experience, a place where fans had the chance to experience and take in all things country. In addition to sampling great food, music and shopping, fans could catch a ride in a brand-new Ram 1500 at the Ram Ride and Drive. The event included a closed course that had a 13-foot mobile hill and steel suspension ramps. This offered fans the chance to get a feel for all of the capabilities that Ram trucks have to offer.Of course, I had to experience it myself, so I hopped in a Ram 1500 to take a ride around the track. It was my first time in a Ram 1500, and I have to admit, I was thoroughly impressed. Upon taking my seat up front, I noticed that the driver had country music playing on the radio, which was a plus in my book. He drove me around the track, explaining each of the truck’s features as we went through the course. My palms got a bit sweaty as we drove up the 13-foot mobile hill, but the Ram 1500 handled it like a champ!After my ride, country hit maker Easton Corbin hopped in the Ram 1500 for a spin around the track. After going through the course with a driver, Corbin got behind the wheel himself for another turn. Corbin grew up on a farm in Florida, so he knows what qualities go into a great truck. As Corbin drove around the track, hundreds of fans gathered at the Ram Ride and Drive for a chance to meet him. After his turn behind the wheel of the Ram 1500, Corbin spent time taking photos and signing autographs for fans. Before he left, the “All Over the Road” singer also signed the Ram Trucks wall in support of the Ram brand’s Year of the Farmer campaign.
If you watched the ACM Awards, you saw that Corbin ditched the limo and arrived to the Ram Trucks Red Carpet in a Ram 1500 – how cool is that? He’s not the only one, either. ACM New Male Vocalist of the Year Brantley Gilbert and two-time ACM Vocal Duo of the Year Thompson Square also arrived in a Ram 1500. I had a chance to see them all on the red carpet, and they looked fabulous.Being on the carpet is such an exhilarating experience. There are hundreds of reporters and photographers vying for the chance to simply get a few moments with each artist. Photographers are constantly yelling to try to get the attention of the artists, and there are flashes and bright lights everywhere! I applaud the artists for doing red carpets all the time, because while I’m sure it’s a lot of fun to get all dressed up and walk the carpet, it’s a crazy experience, to say the least.My experience at the ACM Awards was simply unforgettable. Thanks to Ram Trucks for an amazing weekend.– Lauren Jo Black



Do you ever wonder “What was I thinking? I KNEW better!”


Today, April 26, is National Hemi Day! Hemi aficionados have chosen 4-26 as the day to celebrate the 426 Hemi, but just about every Chrysler-built Hemi engine is invited to this party.